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At ORK Insulation Of London, we specialize in the installation of thermal insulation for residential and commercial buildings. We are contractors who awesomely work on commercial, residential, and industrial projects, with highly professional workers in plumbing, heating, and mechanical construction sectors to carry out our projects tremendously well.

We are versatile in carrying out different types of insulation processes such as fiberglass, spray foam, and cellulose. London insulation contractors are good at selecting quality materials for insulation and apply appropriate objects to protect from heat, cold, and moisture.

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Best Insulation Contractor in London Kentucky

Here at ORK Insulation Of London, we provide quality contracting services to residents of London and its environs who wish to install insulation products and systems. The company employed well-trained installers who are specialized in metal roofs, spray foam, and many more insulation processes with several years of industry experience.

London contractors have built good relationships with strong suppliers that provide the highest quality products and materials in the insulation market. All these materials are well scrutinized to ensure all the products and materials that are installed meet or even exceed the industry standards.

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This good relationship is maintained in order to make sure the suppliers deliver with adequate effects and tenacity, also to stay updated on the company’s innovations and improvements.

After the completion of our projects, the job site is left in an impeccable, comfortable, and astonishing condition, because every aspect of the job is carried out with optimum discipline and professionalism without any form of shortcut.

Even though, many other contractors take shortcuts to reduce insulation costs which are detrimental to the homeowners or commercial building owners.


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Spray Foam Insulation

ORK insulation of London is the best in filling crevices, gaps, and cracks of walls with foam. We work in good accordance with homeowners, builders, and contractors to install spray foam insulation in order to protect against air and moisture infiltration and to contribute to a greater comfortable environment.

Our skilled and experienced insulation workers are licensed and insured to carry out a good and perfect job.


Attic Insulation

Here at ORK, our professionals understand everything about attic insulation such as fiberglass batts, rolls and blown in, and cellulose. We use highly efficient, affordable, and advanced chemical solutions for the installation of attic insulation. Looking for a good insulation installer to ease the level of your home heat and moisture? Contact us at ORK insulation of London


Radiant Barrier

We are top-notch in providing a Radiant Barrier that is ideal for warm climates in order to help your home reflects and not absorb heat from the sun thereby providing optimum comfortability.


Batt Insulation

We also remove insulations and their droppings from your home attics in order to avoid toxicity and improve the effectiveness of the attic. We have professionals and experts that can use a creative and skillful way to remove the insulation from a tight or narrow attic with our powerful vacuum.


Blown IN

Our blown-in insulation service is the best of all, we make sure to fill in the wall studs and gaps to reduce the outdoor and indoor aggressive sound transfer.


Insulation Removal

We also remove insulations and their droppings from your home attics in order to avoid toxicity and improve the effectiveness of the attic. We have professionals and experts that can use a creative and skillful way to remove the insulation from a tight or narrow attic with our powerful vacuum.

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We are the best insulation contractor in London, Kentucky because we place the safety, cleanness, and comfort of your property as our top priority while ensuring that energy is saved. We know what you need and can deliver promptly. So, begin your journey to comfort and reduced energy bills with us today! We are all about insulation and saving energy!


The increment of energy efficiency in residential and commercial properties has long been a great demand by many. This is why we are here, as a top-choice insulation contractor in London Kentucky, to give your property the comfort it needs and the reduced energy costs you desire. To do this, we employ professionalism and experience while on the job by providing our clients with the very best quality insulation materials and types to suit their needs. We guarantee our clients a top-notch approach by diligently carrying out their insulation installation while providing answers to whatever questions they may have about the job.

We are driven by professionalism, diligence, and efficiency and will not place the safety of a property or its inhabitants on the line by using low-quality materials or withholding substantial advice on certain insulation-related issues. This is what makes us stand out coupled with how affordable, prompt, and excellent our services are. Our main goal is to satisfy our clients by going the extra mile in ensuring that they get prompt communication (customer service) from us and that they can wholly rely on us for their spray foam insulation, wall insulation, basement insulation, and attic insulation.

What else beats the satisfaction of great customer service, experience, knowledge, promptness, and professionalism? This is why we are the right choice for your home or office insulation in London, Kentucky. You can trust us with the job. So, contact us today to begin your journey to energy efficiency!

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Spray Foam Insulation Contractor In London Kentucky

When it comes to insulation, spray foam insulation (SPF) is considered the most common because of several benefits like its ability to seal adequately, prevent air leakage, dry quickly, easy installation, and durability. It is also sound-absorbent and shuts your home from all the outside noise giving you more than the energy bill reduction and comfort that you need. This insulation is mostly adequate to seal building envelopes and prevent condensation. Spray foam insulation works wonders on attics, walls (both new and existing ones), floors, and other areas.

With our expertise, your existing walls and new walls (both internal and external) can be utterly sealed with the right measures and with the appropriate equipment. Our knowledge of the recommended thickness and R-value for Kentucky buildings gives you more than enough reason to trust us with your insulation installation and removal. Plus, we are at the forefront of the game when it comes to saving energy and making your property relaxing through spray foam insulation anywhere in London.

Contact us today to get started with your spray foam insulation. We offer nothing but the best!

Attic Insulation Service In London Ky

Attic insulation seals all the spaces in the attic to ensure that your home is of the best temperature during the winters and summers. This is because the insulation controls heat flow by ensuring that less heat goes out during winters and less heat comes in during summers. This saves enough energy in your home and reduces the amount spent on utility bills. When the heat flow or transfer is regulated, the home or commercial property becomes more comfortable.

As an insulation contractor, we have a well-developed team that ensures that your attic is insulated neatly and effectively. We explore blow-in insulation, blanket insulation, and rigid board insulation depending on which is the most suitable for your attic. One reason why your attic should be insulated is that it helps maintain a uniform temperature in the area. And with the right insulation contractor, like us, you are on the right path to setting up your green home.

Residential insulation Company In London Ky

Homes that are not insulated or insulated properly have several defects like icicles and frozen pipes. These defects can easily be resolved by adequate insulation of the residential building. This gives the home a comfy feel and a stable temperature throughout the year.

As experts in insulation installation, we know how to cover spaces for any residential building whether new or old (renovating). Our techniques are safe and effective and we leave the home better and neater than we met it because we use the best insulation materials. We have your best interests at heart and can work on any residential building regardless of its age and architectural design.

Commercial Insulation Contractor

Commercial buildings are not left behind in this quest for increased energy efficiency and reduced energy bills. The major desire is a relaxing temperature and for many commercial buildings, sound absorption. Insulations are known to be sound-absorbent and this leaves the commercial buildings quiet and of the best temperature at all times. In addition to these benefits, insulation in commercial buildings helps decrease greenhouse gas emissions and preserves food and the environment.

We provide commercial insulation services (both insulation installation and removal) to commercial buildings. The attic, floors, and walls are filled and sealed to reduce heat flow and evenly transfer heat in the building.

Industrial insulation contractor

Industrial infrastructures consume a large amount of energy due to the number of machinery. The machines consume energy and affect the heat transfer or flow. This has caused so many industries to spend high sums of money on energy bills but with a glaring solution to this problem, industries have set out to drastically reduce the amount of money spent on energy and control heat flow. This is what insulation has created for these industries.

As a top-class insulation contractor, we help industrial infrastructures control heat flow by ensuring that heating and cooling are regulated through the installation of insulators. Utility bills are reduced and the temperature is uniform for the comfort and safety of the machinery. We understand the key concepts of every industrial infrastructure and use our knowledge to get the job done professionally.

Wall Insulation Contractor

We are aware that most old homes, like those built earlier than the 1960s, lack internal and external wall insulation. We also know that new walls deserve to be insulated to help them become sound-absorbent and to increase energy efficiency in the home. We can help add additional insulation to your wall or add to an existing wall to keep the property comfortable. We do this by helping you choose the right materials for your insulation and supervising to ensure that the job is well done. Need a professional wall insulation contractor? Contact us for the best services with promptness and excellence.

Ductwork Insulation Contractor

The ductwork of a property is a chain of tubes that are connected to ensure the steady flow of air and heat from the air conditioner and home furnace. When not insulated, the HVAC system will be overworked. This is why ductwork needs to be insulated to guarantee that it keeps air from leaking out to maintain a stable and comfortable temperature. If ductwork isn’t insulated, the energy bills will keep going up but we are here to seal all parts to prevent leakage thereby reducing your energy costs.

Cellulose Insulation Contractor

Cellulose insulation is the most preferred choice for insulation contractors because it increases density and is environmentally friendly. Cellulose insulation is best if you require an insulation material that not only provides sound absorption but also prevents the incidence of fire outbreaks or pests on your property. Its durability and capacity to firmly restrain airflow into/outside the property make this insulation obtained from plant fiber a beautiful option for homeowners. We can help you choose the best cellulose insulation type for your project to get all the fine qualities of this material. All you have to do is reach out to us.

Basement Insulation Contractor

There are a plethora of ways to insulate your basement but you don’t have to worry about all that. Leave your basement insulation to us (the pros). From the nature of your basement, we would know which way to go about it. Basement insulation could be done on internal or external walls, ceilings, or electrical wiring. One amazing advantage of insulating your basement is that it can save you a lot of money that would have been spent on utility bills. The installation of insulation in your basement can also help prevent mold growth. It is best to contact us for your basement insulation.


There is no fixed average charge or fee for an insulator. The charge varies from company to company and is calculated per square foot of the area to be insulated. Other factors too also have to be considered to determine the average charge but the most common determinant is the dimension of the wall, attic, or floor, and the amount of coverage and sealing required. For some insulation contractors, the charge to insulate a 2000-square-foot property could be anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 but it depends on the contractor.

The cost of wall insulation depends on several factors such as the location of the wall, the dimension of the wall, the climate of the environment, the deepness of the wall cavity, and the type of insulation to be used. The cost is equally affected if the insulation is installed into a new wall or an existing wall. If the environment is extremely cold, that could trigger the r-value, which in turn, increases insulation cost. However, since the wall for insulation is measured per square foot, the cost of insulating your wall after all factors and labor have been considered will be estimated per square foot. Ideally, you could expect the cost per square foot to be anywhere from $0.50 to $1.25 but this is only an estimate.

The insulation itself is a cheap way of ensuring that energy is saved and that your home or commercial building is comfortable enough to stay in but this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a cheaper way of going about it. The cheapest way to insulate your building is to take note of some essentials to ensure that you don’t accrue additional costs or expenses.

Firstly, you can never insulate your building without taking note of the R-value (the thermal resistance value). For instance, buildings in Kentucky must have a ceiling thermal resistance value of at least 30. Also, sticking with affordable and effective insulation materials and adherence to some known facts like the danger of not disposing of old insulation materials adequately can make the insulation process cheaper than you expect.

The thickness of wall insulation depends on the materials used but usually, it is recommended that insulation be thicker to ensure that heat flow is adequately controlled. The recommended thickness of internal wall insulation is always different from the external wall insulation. Internal wall insulation could be anywhere from 50mm to 90mm while external wall insulation is between 50mm and 100mm thick. For walls in Kentucky where the recommended R-value for walls is between 13 and 16, the recommended insulation thickness for walls is between four and five inches. But this depends on the insulation material and how much needs to be sealed.

Insulating the walls of an old house may be a good idea to save energy and ensure that heat flow is regulated to give you the comfort you need in your house. It could also be a good way of increasing the value of the property. However, the only thing is that the process involved, unless done properly, may damage the house. Some old houses, when insulated, suffer wood rot and moisture problems. If after consultation with an insulation contractor, you still desire to insulate the walls of your old house, you would have to take out weather barriers before drilling holes into the walls and make use of foam insulation.

Hiring an expert insulation contractor provides several benefits such as choosing the best insulation type and brand for your home or office. The insulation contractor, if knowledgeable and seasoned in the business, has a plethora of best options for your home or office to ensure that air leakage is eliminated and energy is saved. The insulation contractor’s experience in the field also provides you the additional advantage if you are considering removing old insulation (which is inimical to the health if not changed or removed) since the contractor knows the best safety measures to take and has the appropriate tools needed to get the job done. Hence, when an insulation contractor is hired (as opposed to mediocre DIY personnel) you are guaranteed the best quality measures and materials, and all hazardous materials used or removed are adequately disposed of.

The remarkable thing about insulating your home is that it boosts energy efficiency by ensuring that less heat comes out of the house during winter and less heat goes in during summer. This is done by ensuring that heat flow is adequately controlled to avoid air leakage through the doors and windows. This significantly reduces the cost of energy bills as insulation, when done properly by professional contractors can not only help reduce energy costs (heating and cooling) in your home and for your appliances but also help provide a more relaxed temperature in your home. Reduced energy bills and limited dust surely do a lot to increase energy efficiency in your home.

Contractors have a plethora of options when it comes to insulation types but it all depends on the needs of the home or office to be insulated and other factors. Nonetheless, some of the types of insulation contractors install include blanket (matt) insulation, structural insulated panels (SIPs), spray foam insulators, foam board or rigid foam, loose-fill and blown-in, fiber insulation, insulating concrete foams (ICFs), concrete block insulation, and reflective system. However, fiberglass which falls under the blanket insulation type and spray foam insulation are the two most common insulation times for residential and commercial properties because they are environment-friendly, easy to install, and affordable.

The duration for installing insulation in a property varies from property to property because of the size of the property and the type of insulation installed. For spray foam insulation which is relatively easy and quick to install, it could take a day or day to completely install the insulation. But this is still dependent on the size per square foot of the property, the depth of the cavity, along with other factors like the area to be insulated and the nature of the property (if it is old or new). New buildings take lesser time to insulate since there is no need to remove old insulation. When using spray foam insulation on attics, it could take up to a day to complete the install the insulation whereas it could take about three to five hours to install insulations on existing walls with spray foam.

Opting for non-professionals or installing and removing insulation yourself is hyper risky as the whole insulation installation or removal process is ineffectively done. You stand the risk of having health-related complications like respiratory and skin issues. Also, improper installation or removal of insulation cannot be avoided since you do not have the right tools or may not know how to adequately use the tools. You may end up using the wrong insulation materials or even damage your home in the process as you lack the technical expertise and knowledge that only insulation contractors have. Hiring an insulation contractor can save you a lot of time and money that you would lose if you end up consuming if you install or remove insulation on your own.

We offer insulation services accross all the cities in the United States. Feel free to contact us. Louisa and Liberty are our service page to two other Kentucky cities that are close to London